Sunday, February 3, 2013


Assalamualaikum to all bloggers or anyone who really like to read blog :)
hello helli to uoolss ^^

first post in february,. today is 020213,time 2234 .. kinda nice date and time  :) hihi
im feeling a little bit happy for today,because i managed to finish my 1st semester as a medical student,yeah i know,its still early for me to be happy,but at least,,i MANAGED to do it with no atras (missing class) :) although its been too tough for me,woke up early in the morning,with the negative celcius everyday,went to class,.. with the sleepy heads,. -___- and for sure,this semester is just a beginning for a beginner !! trust me ,. i have a lot things to get through after this,with the 'nursing' thingy that we need to go hospital which is kindaaaaaaa ACAfaraway from my hostel ,,. #sigh

oh man,i need to brace my self for this new upcoming semester !
and one more thing,today my HOLIDAY just started ! kinda free now without all the studies,but then i have latinskii izik to do,..i mean the exercise and for sure need to remember all the terms ! who caress ??!! i REALLY NEED my holidays,.not to messed up my brain with all that kind of terms ! #opss yeahh.. im a bad student in latin subject -__- poor me ! bad me is BAD ! HAHA

erm,.what else... im alone in my room now,. yeah ! thats good,my roomate went to Moscow for a vacation,. and i dont know when she will come back !! my room now,looks like a cupboard factory,.uh,.sad,.. i just can move forward and backward now,.dont have much space for me to move :/ im planning to move out from my current room,. moving to another unit,. hopefully my hostel`s vice dean will give me a permission ! :) hope so !!


ala-ala posing winter sonata :)
for this year winter break,.i`ll just stay in a hostel,not going anyway,.maybe just go out with my friends,.shopping,.ice skating,.ski-ing maybe ?! hihi
and im planning to go somewhere next year winter break !! :)

to my friend , CATHRINA MARIA WONG ,. ! have a safe journey bos ! enjoy ur trip ,. dont forget to buy us some souvenirs ! hihi ,. she will go to Moscow tonight and then to London :) im so jealous with her,.but then nevermind,. i`ll make sure i`ll go to London next time ,. and go to ANFIELD !! :)

erm,. what else,.. i think its enough for today ,. later i`ll update more interesting story okay :) stay tuned !!
adiooss !! XOXO :*

terima kasih daun kelady . dah bca , silalah komen ^^V

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