Wednesday, June 29, 2011

diari seorang pelajar :)

helo to all readers.:) hye,.lma xupdet blog nie kn..hehhe..such a loooong tyme i gueesed!! well,..since im being a U student,.kinda busy too much!! too many tutorials,..lectures of coz..the lab exp ..discussions n wht so ever!!! huhu.. now, a lil bit comfort with all that things..although,.its such a new xperience for me,.but,.im glad to feel it at my early age,.i managed to arrange my time table as gud as i can..hoho..
about my studies,.huhu,.T.T ~~ sgt sadis,.mentang2 diri ini sorang yg 'lmbt' skit pick-up,..hahha,..but,.i can go through it!! kdg2 trfikir juga,.."kenapala saintis ni suka sgt kaji bnda2 pelik,..buat student bingung btol!!" hahah..but,its just a monologue okayy..! bljr sains ni mmg sannngaaattt beshh!! no doubt! amboii! hahhha .~ tp tue la,..sgt tnsion bila tym lecture 'fham' ,.bt soalan tutorial ,..xdpt pula!! arrghh!! OMG.~ takutnya,..test 1 will be on nxt i must cover all the chapters 1 - 3 for 4 subjects ~
not too hard la,..but smart! hee~ (credit to google)

i hope i will be able to overcome all the challenges that ahead in my life and get blessing from ALLAH ~
terima kasih daun kelady . dah bca , silalah komen ^^V

Saturday, June 18, 2011

im a lil bit comfortable now. (n_n)`

as-salam to all bloggers,.hye,.!! quite a long tym i didnt updte my dearest blog! hohoh..:))
bsy to do all the tutorial + lab repots + study,.n whateverr!!!
..although im quite a lazy person,..but,,..i think,.im a gud person when im here,..err..i dun think so,..coz,..perangai mc sperti dlu actually.,hee.~ owes teasing people..making sense..etc,.n satu yg pling xble ubah adlh,..bgun LAMBAT ..==` ..mybe,..aku smakin matang mnjalani hdup tnpa family yg berada kini d sabah..~
i miss my home tooo much.! with all the stuff there,.tv,.car,.my bed,.my room..etc..
i hope , i didnt forget how to drive,..heheh, scared if i cant control the stering n so whtever lg! huhuhu,.i hope i can go home,.but,.i need to wait until ogos,,.when aidil fitri sad,..;(


im feeling comfortable now, PALAM here,..since i have a 'kamceng' fren,..yg xskema,..x ayu,..n yg seangkatan dgn nya..:) hahah,..n my classmate yg cool..seja,..:))
xcept de boys,.i dun like! huh! tnsion,.ahahha~
im worried about my physics,.!huhu,..ble tahan susah dia! i noe,.i can do it.! but,.tke tym, ak nie 'lambat' skit,.ahahha,..:))
yeah,.yakin pada diri,.quizes,..da kna bt,..n i must stdy all the things awal2,..spaya x susah nnt,..hope to get the best result here,..amin!!

psal maharaja lwak pla,..bru jak siap tgok jozan,.sepah,.jambu n others pnya psmbahan smlm,.ahaha,.best woo jozan!thniah masuk final,..n i hope them will be the champ!! :))
lawak siot muka diorang! hahah
 planning to go stadium malawati,.shh alam..tgok final ML,..ahaha,,..xtau cra nk dpt tiket,.n how to go there,..juz a planning kn,..apek yg beria2 mau pg,..ahahha..
ok la,..thts all,..smbg study balik.!! hehehe..

tomorrow ,.he`s leaving,..tke care of urself,.:) keep in touch always..^_^ ..dun forget all the things tht i said to u before..i`ll owes remembering u..jgn lupa dtg umah nnt raya,.hee..~ miss u n luv u..:) be a gud teacher..!!
still remember this pic??hee~

adioosss..:) babai...^_^
terima kasih daun kelady . dah bca , silalah komen ^^V

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