Wednesday, June 29, 2011

diari seorang pelajar :)

helo to all readers.:) hye,.lma xupdet blog nie kn..hehhe..such a loooong tyme i gueesed!! well,..since im being a U student,.kinda busy too much!! too many tutorials,..lectures of coz..the lab exp ..discussions n wht so ever!!! huhu.. now, a lil bit comfort with all that things..although,.its such a new xperience for me,.but,.im glad to feel it at my early age,.i managed to arrange my time table as gud as i can..hoho..
about my studies,.huhu,.T.T ~~ sgt sadis,.mentang2 diri ini sorang yg 'lmbt' skit pick-up,..hahha,..but,.i can go through it!! kdg2 trfikir juga,.."kenapala saintis ni suka sgt kaji bnda2 pelik,..buat student bingung btol!!" hahah..but,its just a monologue okayy..! bljr sains ni mmg sannngaaattt beshh!! no doubt! amboii! hahhha .~ tp tue la,..sgt tnsion bila tym lecture 'fham' ,.bt soalan tutorial ,..xdpt pula!! arrghh!! OMG.~ takutnya,..test 1 will be on nxt i must cover all the chapters 1 - 3 for 4 subjects ~
not too hard la,..but smart! hee~ (credit to google)

i hope i will be able to overcome all the challenges that ahead in my life and get blessing from ALLAH ~
terima kasih daun kelady . dah bca , silalah komen ^^V

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MyGamanBorNeo said...

semangat yg bagus ni :)

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