Friday, March 18, 2011

cerita dalam 1~

as-salam to all readers,.
so long,.no update.:)
hihi,,juz being bz with all the chores,.:)

today,.im goin to drivin for complete my 8 hours,..huhu,.not too bad ,as i thought..^^
hmm,.i like the tutor who tutoring me how to drive,.not drift,.hehhehe..:)
i was very lucky coz,i was taught how to park very well, to adjust the fuel cars..etc..:)
thanx to him,.!

next, heart is beating slowly,.then fastly,..!!
fyi,.im gonna take my result on 23 march ,.
wht result,.?SPM maa,.:))

huhu,.hope soooooo i get the best result for me as a SBPians..:))
still counting from now,..doesn`t show my nervous too much,,hhhahahha..:))

okayy,.thats all for toonyte.,.^^

terima kasih daun kelady . dah bca , silalah komen ^^V


wana said...

gud luck 4 the upcoming results. hope u pass with flying colours

NyetNyet said...

hey jalan sini and folo. ey btw, shutbox tu macam ta kua pape je? so sbb tu lah komen kat sini. hee

♥ lovey . dovey ♥ said...

wana : thnkxx,.:)

nyet2 : juz refresh lek kali kalo nak tgalkn jejak,.hee,~btw,.tq,.

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